All of us at Irdeto believe partnering is the quickest way to adapt and grow in the ever-changing digital security landscape.

Partnerships enable greater reach, stronger and more holistic offerings, better market awareness, expanded opportunities, and shorter sales cycles. Ultimately, they increase value and provide joint customers with better experiences.

However - and since "vision without execution is just hallucination" - we have designed an innovative partner program with your help. The aim is to support each other to achieve these benefits through a team of channel and industry experts.

Just as our portfolio of unique and superior solutions covers a 360° view of today's security landscape, our partner program is built to stand out from the crowd and support every single aspect of your every day sales initiatives while protecting your efforts.

All of Irdeto's employees are therefore pledging to deliver the best partnering experience and provide you with:

  • Our Full Partner Commitment:

    We are dedicated and incentivized to deliver new business through you, our channel and technology partners.
  • The Industry-Best Registration Program:

    We support and protect our partners effort's and investments far beyond the standard "opportunity registration".
  • Superior Margins:

    We will deliver partner profit margins that are superior to competing vendors.
  • Easier & Accountable Engagements:

    We are committed to being the easiest vendor to do business with, and our sales and partner teams are directly responsible for your success.
  • No Requirements:

    You know your business, markets and capabilities better than we do, so we removed the traditional requirements telling you how many folks you need certified, how to sell, what campaign to run, etc. We'd rather you tell us what you need from us to succeed.
  • Level Playing Field:

    We do not disadvantage smaller partners or partners serving smaller markets by basing benefits and rewards solely on achieved revenue. We reward commitment.
  • Dedicated Field Support:

    Our sales and pre-sales experts will assist you in closing deals every step of the way.
  • Realistic Street Pricing:

    Our pricing to you will not obscure your profit margins with discounts off of arbitrary list prices. As true partners, we will strive to understand - with your help - actual street pricing and deliver honest representations of potential margins.
  • "One Team" Enablement Program:

    Tools, trainings, joint marketing initiatives, collateral, events, demo & evaluations, test environments, etc. By joining the program, you become an integral part of the Irdeto family and as such will benefit from all of our resources.